Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?
What should I put my dirty laundry in?
What detergent do you use?
What ingredients are in you homemade all natural detergent?
What do you use for a scent booster?
How does Borax and Epsom Salt soften water?
Can I provide my own hangers?
What should I expect for my first laundry service?
When will myorder be returned?
How quickly should I unbag my items?
Will my clothes be washedwith other peoples clothes?
Do I need to sort my items, such as darks from lights and whites?
Does Gain Time check pockets?
Does Gain Time check label intructions?
Can you do stain removal?
How do I give you special instructions?
Can I send our undergarments?
How are my whites washed?
Can I request air-dry?
Where will my order be picked up or delivered?
I forgot to set out my clothes for pickup, what do I do?
What will be returned on hangers?
Do you offer dry cleaning services?
Is there a minimum charge?
What happens if my credit cards expires or is declined?
What is the cleaning process for my order?
Is there an additional charge for large items?
Are ther items you dont clean?
Where will you put my hanging items if I am not home?
Do you iron?

Gain Time Laundry Co.

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